Biography of Moina.

Biography of Moina.
Moina are invertebrates or aquatic classes called Crustacean they have a scientific Moina macrocopa (Straus) & the Common Water flea.

What characteristics of red
Moina (Moina macrocopa) is a species of plankton sizes 0.4 to 1.8 mm body have any pink. If the combined group will be plenty of red clear in water with dissolved oxygen is seldom sees how much more dark red. Moina females are larger than males. Very round body fat size of males average 1.3 mm longer than the comparatively small average size of 0.5 mm larvae out of the bag of eggs, a new brother will have size 0.22 x 0.35 mm
Moina are the two reproductive types live sex (Parthenogenesis) which all year round. Reproductive females with eggs to produce this special type called. This type of parthenogenesis egg egg Sama hospital embryonic growth without infection male for breeding. Eggs are numerous uncertainties were 5-30 eggs on average were 15 eggs, depending on the environment & the integrity of the parent. This type of egg is produced when the channel moves to hatch a gap here between the back shell body. Box & close the hatch can be opened through the hairs on the bottom two lines of the body. Eggs will hatch growth in the field, but after hatching larvae Tung formed like adults. Will even be released from the parent. So, what red-term larval food from brother to infant through (Placenta), which is located at the rear of the hatch box. Moina parent to release the ball out of the light. By moving the back of the body through the below In general, egg Moina moves in to new channels as soon as hatching larvae are first released from the parent body. Asexual reproduction method will take this continuously until the brother died Moina.
The type of sexual reproduction (sexual female) will happen in inappropriate circumstances, such as water & food shortages unsuitable climatic conditions. These factors will influence how the red switch to reproduction. In the work of this period will be Moina Moina males & females to engage in sexual reproduction in a population of Moina. Moina is a direct reproduction as the only female gender when fully mature to produce eggs, known as sexual egg or 2 eggs (one per nest eggs) look opaque Which must then be mixed with infected male embryo growth is. Simultaneously the sexual egg production is up, it will be created covering pre-built eggs. Shops are closed eggs are then mixed. When a brother red cast next ephippium egg (the egg shell) will be released from the brother & sinking in to the ground. Shell egg of Moina was created exclusively The bark is thick & has a hexagon pattern. Has the ability to resist the environment unsuitable for living well. When environmental conditions return to normal egg growth will be parthenogenesis egg again in the sexual egg that has not been degraded to the mix without having to move in to field hatch & shell eggs that are created will decay away
Moina are living longer range between 95-156 hours, & when appropriate surroundings can breed up to two models in each model will average 15 a kid.
The Lord ประ Division of Moina dry food that contains protein was about 74.095% carbohydrate, about 12.5% fat, about 10.19% & 3.47% if estimated.

Important factors. For Moina culture.
The productivity of Moina in the pond depends on several factors. Energy from sunlight is important that the various movements. In the picture progresses well Fertilizer & Food Products. Need energy from the sun. The decomposition of water to feed green It also causes plenty of other bacteria in water is added directly to food Moina. Method of photosynthesis. Use different classes of waste ammonia. Mike & carbon dioxide from other living things that occur in the pond. The properties of the water better. Moreover, the synthetic light The flow of water will increase the amount of oxygen in the water, which directly benefits Moina. Increasing water & put more green yeast can help to increase productivity of Moina are significant as well.

Moina cultured in concrete ponds.
1. Equipment.
1.1 Pond production characteristics of the cement pond. If the new venture. Cement pond used in aquaculture Moina appropriate. Ought to look oval, but if the color square cement pond located & can be used as well & pond side of Bo Bo Moina ought to apply & polish to complete. To facilitate the flow of water. Because if there is no free rotation of the water lovely. Green water is a simple sedimentation. & green water to die. This allows production of Moina less cement pond used for Moina culture ought to have the water & effluent. For ease of cultivation & harvesting, clearing Moina.
Size of the cement pond. Size of pond culture depends on how red the red to yield profit. But in the height of the pond ought to have a height of about 60 cm
1.2 Blower. In a huge nursery from 30-50 sqm. Necessary to the blowers in the nursery. Blower will cause the flow of water in the nursery. To prevent sedimentation of the water green. It also helps speed up the propagation, growth, green water faster & reduce the toxicity of the water toward Moina.
Blower for Moina culture that may constitute itself. By purchasing motor size? HP combined with the air blowers that elderly cars can be bought at the cost the store was my elderly engine Â. Cost of operation will Blower To machine not exceeding one thousand Baht
From the apparently empty air to the pipe A. placed according to the interest & then to separate the pipes for Wa Law that off. Through the air in to the drill pipe A visibly porous placed in ponds.
1.3 cloth filter to filter all the water in the nursery. Whether water is groundwater & canal water, green water is the inoculum size ought to be over 69 micron filter cloth or less time. To protect other creatures. & enemies of Moina.
1.4 Green Water is a small single cell algae. There's usually plenty of different types & have different nutritional value. The single cell algae culture Moina is chlorella sp 2.5-3.5 micron in size algae single cell protein than other protein is 64.15% of breeding by using inorganic fertilizer with organic fertilizer also. From the nursery to make the water green. Dark green will take about two days of preliminary infection green water culture From preliminary contact to the Inland Fisheries Station, Pathumthani.
1.5 Concentrated Moina Moina for species to spread. Moina ought to discover a lovely healthy condition other pink. & what ought to not have water to mix with other species.
1.6 Materials used for Moina culture.

Ami - Ami is a waste of a MSG of Aji-no-Oma table Consisting of mineral nitrogen & phosphorus 4.2% & 0.2% for both water & sediment ought to be used together in case Ami - Ami the increased precipitation ought to decrease the volume in the work of the run down. To prevent spoilage of water in the pond Moina.

Bran or meal & fish meal When the degradation is causing bacterium & fertilizer for Moina culture. Also, if used together with NPK fertilizers & other substances along with plenty of more to make the water green.

Science, including fertilizer.

- Fertilizer NPK fertilizer formula Na or 16-20-0.
- Tremendous Phosphate Fertilizer 0-46-0 formula.
- Urea fertilizer, sugar recipes, or 46-0-0.

Switch to fertilizer every science ought to be soluble up To prevent residues of fertilizer in nursery Moina.

Lime using lime in pond culture is what red is to change the pH of the water. & help to increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the water link. Toto for growth. & propagation of the green water faster. Lime ought to be used at first & then leave reiterated put in to nursery Moina.
Lime sold in the market. Usually there's plenty of types such as

1. Burn or calcium oxide (CaO).
2. Fresco or Calcium hydroxide Cal (OH) 2.
3. Lime or CaCO3.
4. Amarte cement.

Cement these aircraft will perform as plenty of come to sort the burn is less efficient.

2. Moina culture.
Moina culture that exists with the third method is a discrete & continuous increase water level
2.1 The non-continuous culture. Rice cultivation is the red harvest only two times. This culture need to have at least two ponds in the pond to flow to yield every day Non-continuous culture will be about how red & how plenty of do not think much of the enemy, because the culture in a short timeframe.
2.2 Continuous culture. Culture is harvested Moina Moina for several days in the same pond. This culture must be at least 4 Bo Bo continuous culture will be thought about enemies of the environment & Moina Moina in the nursery. Because they add organic substances. Or green water in pond water ought to be taken. & add water to the pond. To reduce the toxicity of ammonia. & other toxins. Occurring in the pond.
2.3 Moina culture as water levels increase. Moina culture is the separation of manure in to the second period in the work of each of the separate three-day period after the fertilization of the first half. Moina culture as the water level will increase to a steamed up. Oxygen in water Because high water levels. So ought to the wild weather machine to add oxygen to the pond to the needs of Moina. This culture will take several days in culture. However, the pond will yield high

The steps in the Moina culture.
1. Moina culture as discontinuous
1.1 to 50 sqm cement pond. The cleaning & Tak Bo left a day ago.
1.2 Open water pond & filter down to the level of 20 cm high water content is 10 cubic meters with dissolved fertilizer in to the pond by using the following formula or formula.

Formula 1 Ami - 5 Ami Air Na fertilizer NPK (16-20-0) 2 kg 5 kg rice bran, lime 3 kg yield of Moina to 11-13 kg per pond

Formula 2 Ami - Ami 20 liter Na fertilizer NPK (16-20-0) 1.5 kg 1.5 kg of urea (Formula Tremendous Phosphate 0-46-0) 130 g 3 kg lime production at Moina. 12.-13 kg per pond

The third formula of urea (46-0-0) kg Na fertilizer NPK (16-20-0) 1.5 kg 5 kg rice bran, lime 3 kg yield of Moina to 10-12 kg per pond

These formulas Station has started a culture of Moina from 2527-2531 without a spray air or water turbines, but how Yield was not much different.

1.3 to green water in the pond about 1.2 tons (1000-2000 L) leave about 2-3 days meanwhile, people ought to walk often. To prevent sedimentation.
1.4 After water, green & mature. Down to about 1.5-2 kg infection Moina culture Moina take about five days.

2. Moina continuous culture.
2.1 when in operation now under way in the first crop to harvest in News story 1.4 will keep Moina used only half of Moina occurred about 5-6 kg in pond
2.2 Reduce the water level to about 10 cm of water & then add the green water at 5 cm do this every day until the pond surroundings Moina Moina inappropriate or yield reduction. Temptation is to wash & start a new culture.
2.3 Production of Moina a culture crooked on Ms Moina can be harvested about 25 kg within a period of 12 days.

3. Moina cultures for increase water level
Fertilizer used in the cement pond culture Moina size 10 x 5 m 60 cm depth of pond water levels are added periodically.

Type of fertilizer Phase 1, Phase 2.
Ami - Ami 20 liter 10 liter
Na 16-20-0 fertilizer 1.5 kg 0.75 kg
Urea 46-0-0 3 kg 1.5 kg
Tremendous Phosphate 0-46-0 260 gram 130 gram
Lime 3 kg 1.5 kg
Soybean meal - Dance 1 kg 0.5 kg

1. Prepare the cement pond size 10 x 5 meters by 60 cm deep cleaning ponds. Tak Bo & to put in the air pipe.
2. To water & fertilizer with water & add about 1-2 tons of green manure & water table in each period is divided in to two stages by the two different days.
3. Moina semen to fill the pond provided well after each addition fertilizer, 3-5 kg in Stage 2 for 2 days.
4. After 2-3 days up semen Moina noticed that the water is red the whole pond. & Chlorella were walking low it can be harvested.
5. Products obtained from the experiment from the outset until the harvest. Takes about 90-10 days in pond fertilization period, will yield very high around 28-34 kg

Comparing the cost of Moina.

Cost of fertilizer
1. Ami - Ami ponds used by 30 per 35 liter board. The funds 10.50 Baht
2. Na fertilizer NPK (16-20-0) to 2.25 kg per pond per 5 U.S. $ 11.25 Amount Baht
3. Urea fertilizer NPK (46-0-0) to 4.5 kg per pond per 4 U.S. $ 18.00 Amount Baht
4. Tremendous phosphate fertilizer NPK (0-46-0) Yes 0.39 kg per pond per U.S. $ 8 amount 3.12 Baht
5. Lime the pond of 4.5 kg per 1 U.S. $ 4.50 Amount Baht
Totaling U.S. $ 47.37 (cost as of market conditions).

Cost of electricity
1. Blenders water motor 24Kw. For 30 minutes a day think funds is the second time the U.S. accounted for 10 day Funds 20 Baht
2. Pump 2 inch size for a two-hour charge amount Baht

Equipment depreciation costs.
1. DEPRECIATION cement pond 50 sqm. Think 10% per year U.S. $ 30,000 per pond construction period for 10 day, funds 82.19 Baht