Guppy fish breeding.

Guppy fish breeding.
Guppy fish breeding in order to trade it. Factors that make businesses successful or not. In addition to breeding & fish. Broodstock husbandry methods. Choice of breeding fish & nursing is thought about a factor at all, but no less significant than each other. This was mentioned factors. The following.

Feeding guppy fish breeding.
Guppy fish due to fish growth to reproductive age, when only two months. When fish to separate gender (male, age 1-2 months) ought to separate sex party in order to prevent the breeding fish friendly. This will cause the fish from the breeding friendly. Quality in design & shape is not exactly as they wanted.
The guppy fish for broodstock ought to be raised in areas where the sunlight in the morning or evening. If the party ought to open mesh shade to transmit only 25-40% for both culture vessels to sink cabinet glass, cement, or water used ought to be water without raising chlorine The pH (pH) 6.5-7.5 (the pH optimum is 6.8 guppy fish with oxygen dissolved in water no less than 5 ppm. (The tool ought to increase oxygen in the water on a regular basis) asperity water 75-100 ppm. The pH 100-200 ppm. & the water temperature 25-29 C.
Fish guppy fish that can eat both plants & animals (Omin vorous) in rearing breeder is feeding scrap fish small as larvae Moina (Moina), brown (Artemia) or larvae Red (Chrionomus) in images with any life or death. Or may be fed with different foods. Protein has at least 40% of the food. Before feeding each food be soaked in potassium permanganate concentration 500-1000 ppm (0.5 to 1.0 g per 1 liter of water) for 10-20 seconds to kill pathogens attached bacteria attached to food & then washed with water. tidy again. Amount of food per day ought to be 10% of the weight or amount of fish that eat fish to feed one time a day in the morning & evening. If the fish eat food left out & ought to be left to suck out. Of a dry day ought to be 2-4% of body weight, the amount of fish or fish to eat each day ought to be one time as well.
The water ought to be taken to do all day Cabinet bottom sediment by suction & vacuum to tidy water per day in the cabinet? The amount of water in the aquarium & the water level as the original.

Observation of sex guppy fish.
Observation of fish in the guppy sex. Observable because fish peacock female & male look different as clearly.
  1. The size & length of the tail Males have tail fins & colorful than the female fish, although the body size of males is even shorter.
  2. Observe the colorful fish. Normal male guppy fish are colorful than the female guppy fish. While the fish swim fins to extend the flap back & forth to attract the attention of female fish.
  3. Guppy fish are male sexual organs (gonopcdium) filed notice long out clearly. & males will try to swim, fish female band on a regular basis. The female fish when the stomach is inflated the outstretched & will meet up at the Pan black stomach of breeding. The more fish more noticeable.
  4. Guppy fish breeding. ADR is a fish guppy fish is a pretty pup. Or arrange them as fish that are mixed within the body (intermal fetilization) males will insert the body helps to breed (gonopodium) in to the female reproductive organs of fish. Infection with the release of sperm in to eggs mixed with males are left inside the ovaries of female fish. & can survive for very long. May cause issues in breeding fish, guppy. Since this residual infection. The breeding is necessary to separate rearing fish breeder & breeder To prevent mixing of sire did not need. Therefore, after the female fish that are then mixed to leave one by Eooucrnou take 28-30 days & female fish can provide an additional Eooucrnou. Without mixing with males as the first. Since the residues involved males in lots of female fish.

Choice of broodstock.
To choose males to breeding females. Ought to choose fish aged 3 months to look ideal body & fins. Shape proportional strength is not disabled swimming actively The pretty colors & patterns. Males will look different from females. Direct help in the reproductive organs is called the conversion from the gonopdium rays. Males & females ought to look the same color & pattern. Or similar as feasible. To get a fish that looks not much variation. Sometimes the chosen color & texture characteristics of female fish may have difficulties. Because color & pattern is not apparent as males. Ways to enhance the color & pattern to see clearly in female fish. Completed by dipping solution hormones Methyl Tesco temp Ter Rhône (Methyl tesosterone) concentration 0.1 ppm 2 drops in to the subject won a fish female an efficient scale 3.5 liters of fish a body & fill solution Methin.Aroma of State. An additional 2 drops per day, which color will appear within four weeks after the choice of female fish as desired. To quickly scoop fish out of solution immediately hormones. If soaked long because the fish are sterile.

Guppy fish breeding.
When chosen males & females. The characteristics mentioned above, the party put together in a container provided for Breeding. Then put together in a culture container prepared for breeding. This is a concrete basin. Or the glass cabinet. The rate of the second male to the female fish, release the fifth in the ratio of male fish, females 10 to 25 the area of a square meter.
After release males & females together. When fish are breeding together. Males will be available closer to the female fish. & will release the semen through the help of reproductive organs (Gonopodium) stored in the oviduct (Ovduct) of female fish. (The males sperm is stored in the oviduct for up to 8 months) after semen mixed with eggs in its stomach & females. It takes longer stay in the stomach is about 22-30 days to hatch in to a. After the eggs are mixed with sperm & then to notice that the stomach of female fish will swell up inflation. & the observation that the swollen stomach of the fish from the four female elephants to fully turn over the fish if it is innocent, called "Gravid spot" female fish raised in separate containers to the other in the coursework of the shallow water. & aquatic plants for the fish is hiding. When it is fully developed larvae born from the brother fish & opening the abdomen (Vent) emissions from brother to fry fish & then scoop out the parent fish to prevent brother to eat fish fry emerging. Larvae of each litter may contain up to 200 depending on the size of the parent fish. But on average the addition will be about 40-50 places. Containers for fish paste for kindergarten ought to have a sun roof & rain to prevent changes in the environment such as changes in water temperature, pH of fish larvae due to emerging resistance to the environment has changed small. The larvae may cause weakness & disease basically.

Nursing fry
Guppy fish gradually emerging the next larger size. In the first phase can Moina or brine listening to new food by the amount of fish could eat a day 2 meals in the morning & dinner for about 2 weeks then transferred to culture the larvae or diet is. Every day must see cabinet bottom sediment & food particles remaining in the cabinet to suck out with the wastewater to about one quarter of the cabinet & then added to the original level. When fish are aged about 1-2 months ought to separate party sex to prevent males chase the female fish, which causes the fish grow more slowly than normal.

Guppy fish culture.
Step 1.
Prepare cement pond size 1-4 sqm. In deep water 30-50 cm Add to Cart bush rope or Fa Chi. To fry the fish are hiding.
Step 2.
Chosen the same parent fish species. The color look better around 4-6 months elderly males chosen. Body grow strong & giant dorsal fin tail outspread Dark bright pretty The female fish chosen the same strain males grow strong agile body caudal fin dark & bright drop in the rate of 120-180 / m in proportion male: female was 1: 3 or 1: 4. In the coursework of the breeding Moina as food in the morning. As well as a delicatessen in the evening female fish have been mixed & are seen as the black stomach.
Step 3.
After breeding parent fish are about 26-28 days to fish larvae have happened & hiding the materials placed in the pond. To collect the fish in the pond every day kindergarten accumulated about 4-5 days / fish ponds to provide a similar size. The drop in fish density from 140 to 300 fish / m³ in the first phase of Moina as food in the morning & evening every day for a period of four weeks after it's completed feeding. Fry until the age of two weeks, a period that starts to separate gender. The female fish, observe the black hole open abdominal area. The males. Coming from the top of the slender shape than females.
Step 4.
Sizing & separation sex fish Be raised in separate ponds the rate of 200-300 / m Moina as food to eat in the morning, afternoon & evening to eat foods for a period of two months culture (fish age of 4 months).
Step 5.
About 4 months elderly guppy fish are sizing & choice of fish at full strength. In order to stay pond fish culture in preparation for sending to distribution.

Guppy fish breeding techniques.
In breeding fish. To get a fish that looks nice. The hatchery fish ought to make use of the following principles.
  1. To be chosen by fish breeder By a fish breeder that looks pretty & healthy fish breeder chosen a variety to be chosen when the fish are 3-4 months elderly guppy fish females are mixed. If chosen the older fish breeding. Female fish may be involved males that do not need to be left behind in the ovary. Can not control the quality of fish ought to therefore be chosen fish breeder when a young age. To get pure breeding.
  2. After selecting & breeding fish. To be isolated from fish breeder males. To prevent the fish before the age mix is poor.
  3. To be chosen breeder fish that looks as you like. Prepared to be released with female fish. By using a male guppy fish, the fish the female 2-3.
  4. When the brother left, fish breeding & fish breeding & raising the total. Note the stomach of the fish breeder If the fish were breeding Dgoongpooong bulge & dark spots visible. The isolated female fish raised in nursery cabinet immediately. To keep away from disturbance to breeding fish. When produce & fish breeding. To separate fish breeder immediately. It may eat fish breeder has his own kids. Or they may be growing algae in the water, wood cabinet breeding time. Guppy fish to hide any enemies. Guppy fish is born Eooucrnou the one about 40-50.
  5. In the first stage of the nursing fish fry Moina ought to be feeding them. & controlling the temperature between 20-25 degrees Celsius, which will permit fish to eat nice food & speedy growing.
  6. they ought to eye antibiotics Consulting ¤ Ta Lin. New First Call chloride RAM every time the water transfer. & then after transferring water. Ought to add salt to the water at all times.
  7. When the fish were 3-4 months ought to be isolated fish & fish sex female separate. Together to prevent breeding of fish from fish breeder undesirable.

Guppy fish breeding issues.
In guppy fish breeding. Has seen lots of issues. Because the fish looks much variance. Cause fish guppy looks. Inferior fish breeder fish breeding due to
  1. Fish breeder breeder The fish from the same litter. If the fish does not separate sex from fish aged 3-4 months may be an issue mixing time in the same litter. When the battery mixed parentage close Will permit customers to have the recessive down indefinitely.
  2. Fish through breeding females from males ago Are involved in the males, although the residues in the fish breeder is to breed beauty. What I fail. Infection because the elderly is still in female fish. The fish are not desired.
  3. Fish breeder & breeder quality is not nice Since culture techniques & kindergarten guppy fish is not nice .
  4. Fish friendly blend of breeding. From the guppy fish produce a litter. When brought together party may breed each other. Because guppy fish grow faster. Need to quickly separate the fish before mixing friendly.


Culture propagation of aquatic plants.

Culture propagation of aquatic plants.

Aquatic plants or aquatic plants (Aquatic Plants) refers to plants that depend on water may be awash in whole or in part pop up above the water. Or more plants along the waterfront is male bank also includes plants that grow in the watershed area of the detention or wet.

The current aquarium fish are often decorated with water plants together with the fish. To be classified as a contemporary cabinet & it is most natural. Because of the natural surroundings. Aquatic plants & fish can live together Planting decorative aquatic plants in the aquarium are not only more stunning. Vivacity to the aquarium & then. Aquatic plants & fish are beneficial to each other. The aquatic plants will help to excrete waste from the fish Used as fertilizer for the growth. & the carbon dioxide gas. The fish do not require Resulting from the photosynthesis of aquatic plants in the aquarium will be the oxygen gas, fish used in the next breath. From the beginning of the aquatic plants aquarium plants that are more stunning. Development until the garden is a work of art under the water. Offering a brand spanking new type of hobby happens. & has been popular around the globe.
Aquatic plants are cultured for aquarium plants. Aquatic plants & gardens have over 250 species of aquatic plants stunning most popular in the country originated in the tropics. Such as countries in North Africa. North & South The united states. & Southeast Asia, Thailand is a tropical source water plants stunning popular variety. Moreover, Thailand's geographical spread appropriate for various aquatic plants. It not only aquatic plants in Thailand, only to be scattered. Aquatic plants in several different types of imported can spread species growing well in Thailand This group of plants can be classified according to the water below the leaves.
  1. Plant groups with different leaves from around the base are from genus Aponogeton, nubias, Crytocoryne, Crinum, Nymphea, Echinodorus Vallisneria & so on.
  2. Group plants according to the birth certificate. Type popular & growing well in the cabinet, including funds Cabomba, Hygrophila, Alternanthera, Nomaphila, Egeria, Ludwigia, Bacopa, Myriophyllum, Rotala & Ammannia etc.
  3. Other groups as they float on the water chestnut were crippled position of the group is very popular fern leaves & long roots group of black moss. Very popular is Java Moss.
Today has been developed to culture aquatic plants. & breeding. Causing aquatic plants that are similar shape & lots of different colors. Water production plants are either planted on the ground as before is in the open. & housing development in close The expertise of plant propagation methods, such as land use & manipulation. To make definite production quality. & volume. In speedy time. Fish Research Institute & now a stunning place Aquarium has brought the techniques of tissue culture used to water plants bred genus Cryptocoryne some that are collected from nature. Sold for export to lots of foreign countries.
Culture propagation of aquatic plants.
Aquatic plants can propagate in several ways. Crop land are similar.
  1. The propagation of a live sex By using such seeds Saneayr, Chaba, Am Mania, Amazon, & Ruby.
  2. The propagation of non-resident sex
1. Propagation by forming spores. Such as black root length & leaf water ferns.
2. Propagation by using different parts of the plant are.
Stem - the stem & cut between an implant surface soil & small pebbles, such as Am Mania, Robert Talal, or Ruby, ขาไก่, algae Chat, Den Za Algae, Algae soft silk, Liu, water, candle drippings & field Sapphire etc.
Rhizome shoot shoulder - the separation from the young shoots arise from rhizomes shoulder to grow on the ground or floor Nu A grit as a beer, dress Maria Ta Chi, tape, Logitech Lotus BUSINESS licking & differentiation.
Aquatic plants growing in the field bred.
  1. To grow as an amphibian. The most common aquatic plants will prosper & breed well in marsh Most aquatic plants are stunning plants male water & bred in the field will be planted with plant materials, soil or gravel is small. Stem from the floodwater. Bo Bo cement plant may be short or pick up a light camouflage netting about 40-60% depending on the type of aquatic plants. Springer drip method. Or use the shower water periodically. Allows moisture Add manure or fertilizer science
  2. Growing plants without soil water. Were grown in pots like a small plastic basket. The planting material is asbestos (Rock wool), which features water surroundings. Soft rot is not simple. Not coherent. Aquatic plants cultivated in pots are immersed in a water pond or pickup. The fertilizer is added to the water.
  3. Planting aquatic plants underwater in a pond. This method is used to water plants bred to grow algae such as seaweed Class Chat. Algae soft silk Den Za algae. By cutting the stems grow embroidery materials preserved in the clay Cold & then over to sales. Or plant tape. In the gravel well as planting materials. Tape to remove the side break from a brand spanking new birth certificate.
Planting aquatic plants for development. Most cultured in housing (Green house) which will control moisture, light & fertilizer automatically. To prevent insect pests. Cropping method is often used to grow without soil in a pot, like a small basket using plant material Rock wool. Most plants from tissue culture. As simple to work Can decide the exact amount. & cleanliness.
Aquatic plants growing in ponds or water preserved.
Aquatic plants from a converted crop amphibians. Most will need to be preserved in water, Pak to stem & leaves are changing color & shape to the more delicate beauty. Planting aquatic plants in pond Or called the Nam Cham steps.
1. The Pond.
  • Insert a small, 2-3 mm gravel to wash in to the tidy water storage ponds. If rock is not tidy, the water turbidity To catch sediment that leaves deface & can not be held in the aquarium. Add thick gravel 3-4 inches.
  • Add the water level about 30 cm high, the water level of gravel. & water to tidy.
2. Implantation
  • The cold balance of aquatic plants from early sister Lengths, as needed, but the water must have a 2-3 as any cut to about 5-6 items.
  • Cold item leaves the bottom to root out the article If leaves are not cold. Application of an under gravel, the water will rot or the slob
  • Planting water plants in the gravel to separate moderate To provide space in the growth of leaves & then adding water to tidy more gravel until the high water level 50-60 cm
  • Leave it about 7-15 days when the leaves are growing. Change shape & colorful. With nice germination & root are used to sell or grow plants in aquarium
3. The transfer of water & fertilizer plants in the pond water.
  • Taken water at least two times a week in about 30% to tidy water & aquatic plants are other minerals in fertilizer but has no water. In addition, new planting aquatic plants ought to always wash thoroughly before putting gravel down to fresh-water.
  • Fertilizer two times a week, NPK water soluble fertilizer such as 25-5-5 or 30-20-10 formula in the amount of 5 - 15 PPM. (5 - 15 grams per 1,000 liters of water) after fertilization, to put up. fresh-water & then 2-3 days as the water taken every Monday & fertilizer every Wednesday.
  • Add carbon dioxide to the gas plant to be used in the system photosynthesize The addition of carbon dioxide in to the box, put in quarantine pond.
Factors influencing the growth of aquatic plants.
  1. Planting materials (soil or gravel size 2-3 mg / L).
  2. Light (40-60%).
  3. Dioxide gas in water (5-15 mg / L).
  4. Or fertilizer nutrients (such as fertilizer or 27-17-10 NPK formula 25-5-5,30-20-10 rate concentration 5 - 15 PPM. The categories of aquatic plants, frequency of fertilization, a -. two weeks at a time).
  5. Turbidity of the water clear. (Water must be tidy).
  6. The temperature of water (25-29 degrees C).
  7. Hardness (75-150 mg / L).
  8. The pH of the water (pH 6.5 - 7.4).
  9. Moisture (nice growth in high affection).
Tissue culture aquatic plants.
Current tissue culture aquatic plants play a role tremendously. In industrial production & international distribution aquatic plants. Manufacturer & exporter of aquatic plants in the world. Danish example. Tissue culture techniques in the production of aquatic plants up to 90 percent by the benefits of expertise to culture aquatic plants are.
  1. To produce plants that have massive amounts of water. In short time. Based diets that can increase the number from a multiple instance beginning from the early varieties a beginning & to move tissue per month two times, over time, two months to produce aquatic plants in bottles up to 1 million from which no solution. the other to produce the volume & speed like this
  2. For the production of sterile species. The production of a sterile system. As well as selected pieces of tissue with the risk of contamination of germs least Water production plants that will tidy disease-free according to the international market.
  3. For breeding by induced mutation Then select the best strains. Which may be completed by using chemicals & radiation. Editing varieties. & transfer genes.
  4. To preserve the species. The tissue culture of food containing the compound of slow growth substances. To save time, labor & food until the desire to breed when it will move in to cultured in normal medium.


Laws relating to fish, freshwater fish Aromatic or Nirvana

Laws relating to fish, freshwater fish Aromatic or Nirvana.
Fish that originated in a foreign country of 13 species that are the accounting conventions a site. By being in control of international trade. Some can be commercial, but must follow the conditions. Some trade does not bring it. The legal reserve & wildlife protection in 2535 as a gizmo to control & enforce.
For this. I will recommend your readers to know that the fish originated in Thailand to receive protection under the law's rights & protection of wildlife. That the language law Call this type of fish that Wildlife protection with the same number as three types.
1. Fish, freshwater fish or Aromatic Nirvana (Scleropages formosus).
2. To design huge tiger fish (Datnioides microlepis).
3. Fish, pork Ari (Botia sidthimunki).
4. Fish or fish on rocks bats (Oreoglanis siamensis).
I will speak about details of the three fish species in the protection of rights & adoption benefits. Under the control of the law. In this that you start to fish freshwater fish Aromatic or Nirvana (S. formosus) first, which will tell the details every aspect ever. & first I must understand your audience before that. Next, I will call fish freshwater fish Aromatic or Nirvana (S. formosus) is a freshwater fish that the fish to keep away from confusion with other fish, freshwater fish species.
This freshwater fish for fish in addition to accounting & wildlife protection. The accounting conventions to be a site with เต. Some suspect that the fish are freshwater fish species in Thailand with foreign species or not. You know some people say. Fish, freshwater fish in Thailand. Green is a freshwater fish. But the foreign country has a different color, like red gold, etc. would be different types of also called a fish has lots of names, including freshwater fish Aromatic Nirvana Dragon Industry Trade has set a commercial setting multiple names. such as Tremendous Red (Tremendous Red) Gold Tail Red (Red Tail Gloden) gold expected back (Gross Back Gloden) Red Pepper (Chilli Red) Red Blood (Blood Red) Chilli Red etc. because that fish have colors different. different. Another attempt consists of selected breeding species are exotic Grading the fish for the benefit of the business. The individuals who do not fish, freshwater fish in the industry understand the confusion that is the same type of fish species or blank
But for the academic. The staff on operational control in accordance with law & justice practices, I hereby select that, in principle, a fish in each section. They has set a basis for an international Internationally accepted worldwide. The organization that is responsible for about a name to keep away from confusion. Use of different characteristics such as fin fish. Scales of the fish lateral line phone number, etc. to select the classification. Different characteristics must be certainty in the fish Colorful fish, but there is no certainty. Can not be used as a basis for classification. Even other animals or plants is key to this Including the Institute is open to learning & teaching throughout the world that is subject taxonomy.
Your readers will notice that the name is a Thai language is English are in parentheses. They call that a science The printing or writing the correct Must be typed or written a letter slant In case you can not print or write it to the finish to remove the underline. It consists of two words. A page called surname (Genus) terminal is called a kind (Species) as fish, freshwater fish samples. A surname that "Scleropages" as well as a kind that "formosus" This is a science. Department of Fisheries was used as the primary diagnosis is that any fish species or fish species together แน่. To communicate with countries around the globe.
Therefore, the law requires the word "fish or freshwater fish Aromatic Nirvana (Scleropages formosus)" to protect wildlife. When interpreted strictly according to law, then it means. Only fish, freshwater fish Aromatic or Nirvana. In blood "Scleropages" & type "formosus" Not only is wildlife protection. This does not include fish Aromatic Nirvana other fish such as Australian Aromatic Nirvana (Scleropages leichardi) that even in the genus. "Scleropages" but not type "formosus" so fish Aromatic Australian Nirvana is not classified as wildlife reserves & protected by laws defending wildlife.
"Fish, freshwater fish (S. formosus)" looks different from other fish, freshwater fish species do.
นัก taxonomy that fish use as a basis for delineation. "A fish, freshwater fish or Nirvana Road (S. formosus)" different from other fish, freshwater fish species. I can write to your readers see the difference clearly is.
Fish, freshwater fish have scales larger than Vertical & lateral scales. There's no over 24 scales with long spines, about 30% of body length. Usually the color of the body & fins flat May be some point in ประ. Metallic silver in color from yellow to orange, red or orange gold
Freshwater fish species like fish, most are. Australian freshwater fish, fish (S. leichardi) Guinea freshwater fish & fish (S. jardini) with smaller scales. Vertical & lateral scales. There's over 30 scales with short spines than 25% of the body of the ประ green or other colors fade on the body, head & fins.
The African fish, freshwater fish (Heterotis niloticus) are round body. Head smooth mouth narrower than the finish of beardless chin, small-scale grey or dark
For freshwater fish silver fish. (Osteoglossus sp.) Of The united states. Rays are longer than half body length. Slender body to the tail finish are often small in the small dark bar. Expected length of the fuselage.
Navigation, fish freshwater fish Aromatic or Nirvana (S. formosus) to exploit the legitimate.
Legal rights & protection of wildlife. A law that protects the fish, freshwater fish that lives in nature. Not to be human to handle. To hunt out the exploit. Because fear is as extinct as such. The natural resources in the eastern part of southern Thailand at present can not find it then. Meanwhile, the law also allows people to fish breeding freshwater fish & freshwater fish can be obtained from fish breeding to be useful in areas. The condition is important. Must receive a permit from the Department of Fisheries. Whether it be the possession of the trade led to breeding. Must be licensed total. Why the permit is necessary because The officer will check that no smuggling fish from a freshwater fish, such as the illegal nature of smuggling etc.
So to see that this law does not objective to preserve, protect, but only. But the chance to be used. As a condition.
Activities for adoption benefits must be licensed has two types.
1. Breeding.
2. Possession.
3. As well as commercial or listed on the market.
4. The move to trade.
5. Import or export the password.
6. Used in public affairs zoo.
For those who do not violate these laws will receive a maximum penalty of confinement not exceeding three years to a fine not exceeding 40,000 baht, or both. The maximum penalty is thought about a comparatively heavy punishment . However, depending on the judge of the court that will punish the offenders are suitable to take much offense to that. To that already is in the technique of justice.
Fish breeding freshwater fish Aromatic or Nirvana (S. formosus) is necessary by law.
Although fish, freshwater fish The fish will be in conditions close to extinction from natural water sources. Placed in an account. a convention site & the wildlife protected by law & protected wildlife reserve in Thailand. But in terms of fish, freshwater fish culture in different countries including Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore has developed advanced. Recognition of the Convention เต a site that can be bred in the business. Recognizing farm breeding of such fish to export freshwater fish to sell worldwide. In Thailand, no freshwater fish farms, fish breeding farms which a convention site for certification even a single farm. It was thought that Thailand's culture has dozens of pretty fish species. Freshwater fish can be sent out three times a year worth billions of baht Why are freshwater fish, fish breeding techniques are not to go where. Despite the fish, freshwater fish export market is worth billions each year set Baht Would likely attract the fish breeding Icon.
Qualifications to take the fish breeding freshwater fish, the wildlife is protected. Is defined in Regulation No.5 (BE 2537) issued under the Wildlife Protection Act & Copyright Act 2535 as follows.
1. The owner of the property or business & prosperous to be operated.
2. At least 20 years of age.
3. Domicile or residence in the Kingdom.
4. Not a person of unsound mind or mental infirmity or a person incompetent. Or quasi-incompetent
5. Not a bankrupt.
6. Not in the license being suspended or revoked license is not. The Copyright Act & the Wildlife Protection Act 2535.
7. Not guilty, & the provisions of the Copyright Act 2535 or Wildlife Protection Act 2503 Copyright Act or has the law on customs Or the law governing the import of goods in to the Kingdom. In matters relating to import or export wildlife.
If the licensee is a legal entity. Director of Purchasing. Managers of corporations or partnerships must also qualify under Rule 2-7.
Property under Rule 1-5. would not be a controversy for fish breeding works already. But in the case of Editorial 6 & Editorial 7 that I would worry about the Because a culture or Thai fish traders not know lots of details. Rule of law that narrowly. Some have been prosecuted under such laws, so if officers must inquire in to thoroughly & property. May make a dedication to some freshwater fish breeding fish you have are not fully qualified.
However, issues that concern over the heart. The fish are freshwater fish that will be a separate breeders. In addition to the already expensive destroy. Issue Regulations also require that the applicant must show proof breeding of freshwater fish to the fish by legal as well. The acquisition is the correct way to 5-6, I will bring to you the reader notice the issue I page.


Breeding aquarium fish

Breeding aquarium fish

Lion head goldfish Japanese Fish classified as pretty to look at every section Fish is widely popular culture. Goldfish breeding techniques Sing Japanese How similar to the categories of fish breeding. However, tips of mating with small นัก culture has different ways to. Depending on the technique a few things from that experience was A sign pointing the way to success. Which must be prepared as follows.
  1. The material in breeding.Breeding ponds. Size ought to be at least 5 feet, 10 feet wide or about 1500-1600 liters of water capacity ought to be at least three lay Bo Bo Bo is a kindergarten and fish ponds, each pond to pond look a small cannot and Pak Bo and bottom. And ought to be 20-30 cm deep.Ang crop breeding fish head lion Popular culture in the basin and deeper dimensions 90x90x20 cmWater ought to be tidy water for use in implantation Water classified as suitable and tidy water to the head lion breeding Japanese But ought to leave 1-2 days before discharge to the chlorine to evaporate beforeWater plants in preparation for the live fish are spawning or rope is used in lieu. But a white rope to tie groups. Rip and other fuzzy.Heater thermometer Air pump artificial sun lamps these devices. Work is similar to other types of fish breeding.
  2. Preparation sister - selected breeder sister - a lovely breeder ought to be taken as principles.
  • Avoid fish from the same litter was used - breeder
  • Sister - A lovely breeder is colorful, clear And conforms to international rules.
  • sister - a lovely breeder ought to be sexual. Prepared for breeding. Energetic lively
3. The feeding of each food ought to always be fresh for the sister - brother with spawning species such as worms, larvae, white worms, red worms, water if the foods are not lovely. Because fish are not spawning. Local firm is also the sister, but fatty fish is not active and not interested in parent fish Eggs to give it a small amount or eggs will hatch as larvae is low.
4. Breeding.
  • When the sister - the breeder and satisfactory manner. To be put to separate the different cabinet for hatching and fertilize with a complete fresh food to eat.
  • tidy bath culture by potassium permanganate bath leaving a clear day the sun to dry water. And add tidy water to be at 30 centimeters of water clarifier ought to average about 20 centimeters high.
  • Add water to the sink tree nursery. In preparation for the spawning fish. Or tear small white rope and tie together gravity with stones in lieu of any water plants. Is called a nest.
  • Survey sister - the parent species isolated by hand touching stomach. If the parent fish, which the soft stomach. Also indicate that lay prepared to put the fish gently in bowl culture provided. Then the sister fish put together using three fish, the sister of the brother fish to get an infection of the sister fish healthy.
  • the sister - brother fish together. Sister fish mouth people will use direct channels anus stomach to require to breed. This is the brother fish swimming escape in to the ovary Leave eggs out with a group on the island with a sister fish ovaries will release mixed with semen.
  • Note that the waiting sister brother chase off fish fish It shows that the brother fish lays out. Separated from their parents fish bowl to keep the nursery ponds feed To continue feeding. If not removed now. Parent fish will eat their own eggs.
  • in the nursery ought to be added to the oxygen, light and temperature control to about 20-24 degrees Celsius in about 3-5 days the larvae start hatching.
5. Nursing larvae in the work of the first 3-4 without a scrap of food after feeding kids or how red egg (if eggs boiled water ought to be aware that much about 5-6 times a day and then about a month. What has changed from red to child food or mashed larvae prepared mixed accelerated growth will be 2-3 month larvae colored They start tryouts to look lovely to sell or culture. I personally look disabled negligible destroy.
Oscar fish placed in the same relatives of Java Tilapia with charming beauty and elegance is in the popular aquarium fish for aquarists general Oscar the fish grow from eggs Body is green The scale and pattern of the wrong film to highlight the differences. From the body to mature becomes black with orange or orange red designs look elegant and exquisite. Body is comparatively large thickness. Mouth protrude slightly. Vertical fuselage top curve.
  1. The material in breeding.Breeding ponds. Oscar fish because of the habit basically shocked. So well that is right for breeding ought to be well cement Capacity of not less than 300 liters of water W is more better. The pond water level ought to be within the average height of 50-80 centimeters divided periodically For a spawning pair. The water is used water that left 2-3 days to crop water needs to be taken off the elderly water on a regular basis Oscar fish culture is like water to fish special Then the material stimulates the fish require to spawn signs such as brick, block or tile And put it in the nursery.
  2. Preparation sister - breeder Ought to pick fish that are clear colorful life of about 8-9 months to bring the maintenance of food quality scrap meat animals because it allows female egg and male healthy bacteria to brighten the dark and bright up with.
  3. Breeding. When preparing breeding ponds. And sister - and brother to the sister fish - in to the breeding ponds. To the sister - a breeding pair friendly. Sister fish are fish swimming band with female breeding already. The sister is - are breeding habits, fierce If the other fish will sneak in to collision. Being away or not to go near the nest. The parent fish spawn and Sister fish release eggs and sperm in to the exhausted. To separate the three fish from the clarifier. Or move the nest to hatch culture cabinet. If parents worry because fish. Or hungry may eat their own eggs.
  4. Nursing larvae in the first 2-4 days the larvae hatch without feeding. After that ought to be. Boiled egg pulp But be watchful of water hits the ball what is the red fish after age 2 weeks to modify water modify water ought to always be a day 1-2 times more frequent water changes will make fish grow faster. Then the modify of food. What is a red ball of larvae.
Insert a red fish is suitable for ordinary fish lover fish I started breeding in the first step Because breeding simple. This type of fish like to live together in groups. And fish culture with other lovely habits, not because of refractory Most are surface.
1. The materials are in breeding.
  • or sink cabinet breeding nursery.
  • Plant water
  • sieve.
  • Air pump
  • fresh pour small.
The culture water ought to be used harsh conditions. And out to the slightly alkaline.
2. Preparation sister - breeder The crop ought to be selected sister - breeding ideal body large colorful fins, not tear and ought to not be used in breeding the same litter. To view the sex characteristics of sister - breeding in the same litter. To view the sex characteristics of sister - breeder is observable than other fish. The males are comparatively flat body. Tail slender protrusion. Called tail sword Consolidation rays look sharp points along the body parallel to the body for mating. Characteristics of female fish, body size will be shorter than male Pom, large stomach expand. Caudal fin rays and is rounded Consolidation is not sharp As male
3. Breeding. Breeding fish can basically insert. Sink cabinet by bringing culture or because the small size - large. Set up in the morning sunlight. Water plants to get some oxygen. Mesh must be used often to the size of fish that can creep out properly. The width is equal to the Cabinet. This is to prevent parents out to eat fish balls at a hunger to make use of the breeder to breeder hatching eggs on a 4-5, 2-3 on the spoon is - breeder and raised out of the rack cabinet. culture for young culture.
4. Nursing fry When larvae hatch, they do not require feeding after 2-3 days so the kids how and when the red fish grow large to feed the larvae or worm can turn in to red Foods with added plant fish they moss to grow faster neon fish.
Neon fish classified as small fish. On the body surface is grayish blue footed green saddle. Blue and access contact between the tail. The root of the tail and pectoral fins are red, I lay on mature body size is measured 1-5 inches of peaceable habits. Live in water or water medium. Like to live and eat in groups and all kinds.
  1. The material in breeding. Preparation sink cabinet breeding or cultivation of the lates styles comparatively flat rectangle about 60-80 liter capacity water plants growing beside the water culture cabinet. Culture or sink one side and put in to dry stick as a resident of the egg adhesion. The water ought to be used to water the water is suitable for the cultivation of water left for 1-2 days.
  2. Preparation Sister - Brother plants ought to be selected by observing the fish is ideal. Female body looks large round fat than males. The stomach is elevated and expanded. Movement lazy Color contrast than the male. For the male body is slender than female. And tend to herd females when the mating period.
  3. Breeding. When released in the breeding nursery or bath cabinet cultures 2-3 days to notice a male swimming round female. The female swimming away to live on water plants. When the body is prepared to start spawning. Male sperm is injected in to the mix soon will be about 1-2 days for the larvae from parent fish culture basin.
  4. Nursing fry The larvae hatch after 2-3 days and how kids ought to be red. And turn in to larvae when the larvae start to eat larvae are at the age of one month ought to be changed to shrimp ground and at the age of 1 1 / 2 months fry will start to show patterns, colors come out to see and be evident when older. about three months.
Fish Paradise Fish Paradise Fish Kradi similar. Body size flat pectoral fins all shiny pointed eminence. Caudal fin pointed finish point. Length and filed away the top and bottom. Body reddish brown. Alternate with silvery white color. The gums are red color points with a black spot each side a point clear. Some fish will have a red tail and a small scattering of black. Dorsal and anal fins blue black stand aril But the males have red fin rays hard and sharp like thorns. Like a fish to live together in groups. Fierce unruly character is not suitable to be cultured with other types of fish that are smaller than
  1. The material in breeding.culture most popular cabinet breeding pond or a water capacity of 50 liters of water level ought to be about 4-5 inches high from groundwater to grow the plants to natural Egg Island, and for the seizure.
  2. Choice sister - breeding fish are selected from the first to fully separate the sex of fish before Males are the shape larger than the female fish tail fin anal fin length from filing over female fish. Sharp and colorful than the female fish. The fish are smaller than the female shape and color from pale than males.
  3. Breeding. When the parents require the sister of fish a fish a fish, 5-8, host the breeder so that the limited breeding to death. Also nursery area ought to be large to escape assault by breeder. When breeding with spawning. Breeder will generate a nest by a brew similar to the Siamese fighting fish culture. When brew and start breeding eggs. Breeder will serve the thousands of eggs stand next to the fish spawn after breeder breeder won't let go near the nest again. They ought to separate the breeding from the nursery. Because the eggs start to hatch in the work of embryonic
  4. Nursing larvae in the work of the first three days of the embryo are not feeding. After the kids how and when fish eat red food. Is the breeder from the nursery. Because fish may eat as well if famished.



Maintenance aquarium
Fish farming. To maintain the beauty forever. Ought to take special care of plants water treatment equipment & other parts within the aquarium to keep away from the untidiness Principles of care are correct.
Always check ought to see Roy leakage. Joints such as glass aquarium traditional or new, because usually discover a leak of water absorption is always This is caused by action or silicone adhesives deteriorate Or at the aquarium has been installed & the hot sun. Caused by concussion or other objects ought to be cautious. If the aquarium water leakage to leave left out. Tidy & dry air to dry. Then be repaired by the action. Apply glue or silicone to leak already. Left for some Make positive close contact & nice water is put aquarium Roy noticed water leaking again. If no joint leakage, & then start with release aquarium fish in to the fish.
Filter maintenance.
When used to filter the time. Performance of various filter impurities is reduced can not separate the dirt inside aquarium is poor water conditions, which cause not tidy . Require to maintain cleanliness of the aquarium. The nice always follows.
- Use suction hoses, remove various contaminants within the aquarium regularly.
- Ought to fish or fish scrap catfish area. Help collect rubbish the other side.
- Tidy water under the sand filter method, such as spraying water filter tube & check a number of the equipment related to water filter regularly.
Maintaining contact with the metal water
Metal attached to the aquarium every contact with the water in the aquarium. Some harmful to living organisms, such as scrap metal tin, lead, chrome, brass & steel, if the nice ought to be of a metal covered plastic aquarium that is safest. If space is a steel plate aquarium. The glass aquarium fish ought to be used before the steep Crab Tub. Glue or silicone filling various drug corners firmly not to leak in to the water. Will help to secure better living & straightforward to tidy.
Water treatment plants.
Is necessary to think about.
  1. Light is involved with growth & deformation characteristics succulent plants. It allows the light to the reaction of Photosynthesis. When the light through the water. To the light refraction Underwater plants are the wrong light of reality. Plants in the water level will get different amount of light that varies with Therefore, the aquarium fish Ought to think about the direction & lighting needs of plants each with
  2. Temperature within the aquarium. Temperature is changing. But not plenty of & comparatively constant Therefore, water plants are not affected much.
  3. Gas gas volume of the most important to water plants is carbon dioxide gas (co2), which all plants require for photosynthesis. Meanwhile, water plants also emit oxygen (O2) if the aquarium out of the water plants. & animals live together. Oxygen discharge rate of water plants. Uttra moderation with carbon dioxide gas to give off the animal. Surroundings within the aquarium will have life to live together in balance.
  4. Density after finishing plants already on the water for fish food & appropriate lighting. Will cause quick growth density The conditions in this May cause loss of balance between living together require to trim Or move the Coating Plant water loss figure heavy or out of the aquarium. Be cultured in the maintenance care of a new next
Changing water
Changing water needs. Because the water fish & water plants. Some minerals are used. Or to exchange some. The fish or plants or wastewater occurs therefore ought to be checked for appropriate water conditioning by changing the water every 1-2 months or may alter the water if it seems that The aquarium has algae or water turbidity
Alter the water must be cautious. On the pH value of water in the aquarium with freshwater added to it. That the pH, temperature & amount of positive substances differ much. If the water supply ought to be adjusted differences similar to chlorine before it up in to the aquarium. & then If the water close by in outdoor containers for oxygen in the water may have small or none. When used to fish without water plants are decorated with fish fed the might die.
Fish fed most often a fish. There were plenty of fish trade in the market. Market selling fish will be divided in to three major types is a local market & international market.

Domestic market.
  1. Market producers are selling fish resources office. Are obtainable by various sources around the other in Bangkok & in fish fed different provinces may have one or the other party from any of the kinds of fish, guppy fish, goldfish, fish insert Pom Dua Spa Oscar fish, fish, etc. on the market by Pan down this production. Wholesale sales will be the retailer to must buy each other a lot to bring to the retail trade as U.S. $ 10 each wholesale, retail sale may be in between 20-25 baht because the retailer will charge plenty of risks. such as dead fish markets sink money, transportation & plenty of other matters, but also benefits the retailer does not must waste time, place & caught up in raising capital breeder breeding culture of care from a tiny Grow until sold out.
  2. Retail market around the other to both the district & province in central Bangkok
  3. Market District is the district leader or remove the sales menu. Or set a fish shop. Culture & equipment Food or the district has different sales.
  4. City Market is a source of different density. & prosperity of the province such as sources These are shops, a number of markets & markets of other marketplaces are often large markets to support the trade of provinces other brings fish to send sell Or to the sale. Are plenty of types of fish such as Chatuchak Market.
  5. International markets. Fish production release will be obtainable in Thailand. Domestic & foreign, including Chinese & Siamese fighting fish Betta Fish Others have sold for export to abroad. Stunning country of Thailand sent out late to sell, including Japan & European countries.


Elements of the aquarium fish

Elements of the aquarium fish
The aquarium is the most important elements of the aquarium fish there's several different formats to pick the appropriate form.
Locations to the aquarium. Kind of popular aquarium will be used in one types.
1. A sphere used as the lounge, table, filing cabinet Or areas that have
นัก wide area not much larger size to be thought about within the landscape thoroughly.
It is a circle However small. Can not be organized or decorated beautifully.
2. The square is a well-liked aquarium widely used sizes are simple to find.
Aquarium with a large area than the first. It may also be arranged. Or decorative species.
Wood water stone in to a pretty aquarium is an aquarium is also divided in to one styles.
Aquarium has a frame This type of aquarium is a elderly cabinet will frame
Aluminum & filling sealing action.
Aquarium with no frame A new aquarium. Use glass to each other using silicone adhesive.
Glass is a placeholder for adjoining Popular aquarium fish aquarists. It is overlooking.
The aquarium is not as thorough as a framework which will cover part of the decor, but they share
Pay structure is not as strong as the aquarium frame.
Size of the aquarium.
Fish farming. Must pick the right aquarium for the purpose of raising fish such as aquarium fish for the time to be useful. Or a career. Or to decorate a home or office also must think about the number of fish that are fed with. The sizable aquarium is better than a small aquarium. Because the temperature within the cabinet has changed less than a small aquarium.
Table size aquarium.
Order size of aquarium length x width x height (cm) of water capacity (L) Weight Sand (kg) Power (Watts).
1. 14 "36 x 24 x 24 20 5 10.
2. 15 "39 x 30 x 24 28 7 10.
3. 18 "45 x 30 x 30 32 8 10.
4. 24 "60 x 30 x 30 54 13.5 20.
5. 36 "90 x 45 x 45 182 45.5 20.
6. 48 "120 x 60 x 60 432 108 40.
To make aquarium Not to forget what it is. Aquarium stand supports. This aquarium stand will support healthy To support the weight of the aquarium is not unstable to stable. When the packaging devices in the aquarium fish so thought about. Fit for supporting weight or not. Will be calculated in the aquarium water weight not less than one time.
Calculated amount of water in the aquarium.
Water (L) = (in centimeters).
If the sample size aquarium W x L x H 36x 24 x 24 cm as estimated water (L) = = 20.73.
Water content of the aquarium water capacity about 20 liters.
In addition to support aquarium & stand. Another thing that is not broken. Aquarium lid which is made from any material, but most are made of plastic. To help prevent dust from each party. Controlled evaporation of water. & protection from pests that will interfere & prevent the fish leaping from the aquarium.
Pump air
Creatures that live in the Alps must change to environments. Or like hiding under a rock for shelter as protection from pests breed. & propagation to other babies with Therefore, organized in Stone aquarium ought to think about the quality of the stone tidy & colorful format wrong population
The equipment necessary to increase oxygen & help make the aquarium water tidy at all times.
Lovely air pump ought to look like.
1. To effectively spray the air force & consistency.
2. While working air pump. Ought to not be noisy.
3. Machine not hot at work.
4. Life, long-lasting & long lasting.
5. The proper size for use.

1. Ought to put in air pumps above the aquarium. To the computer to work basically in the air.
2. Ought to be installed to pump air from areas where dust Because dust May cause obstruction of navigation. & destroy.
3. If the air pump used together with the water under the sand. & water outside the cabinet. Provider ought to open the air pump to run on a regular basis.
Equipment with air pump.
1. Line oxygen hose is acting white crystals from the air pumps to aquarium
2. Head look round sand porosity. Serves to pay the air to water distribution. Sand spray heads ought to be lovely weather as the fringe & the most detailed & ought to weigh the tube to float Thong.
3. Joints as a separate air pump to the direction they would like, which is divided in to one sections of the three or two way
4. Valves or ought to control knob Act ought to control the amount of air blown out from the pump air pressure as it ought to be much less appropriate Water filtration systems.
Water filtration systems.
It is important that one of aquarium fish, due to hoover filter undesirable contaminants such as food waste, waste leaves the cabinet to help the state's tidy water. Reduce spoilage of water in the lower cabinet.
Water filtration process in the popular aquarium fish have one types.
1. Filter sand under water. Which is sold as a set of ready-store feeding fish usually. Principal water filtration process under the sand. Is to pump air to compressed air delivered to the antenna connection between the pump head cover & air filter under the sand. When air pressure is out of the water pipeline. Will be pressure within the ejected water pipes with air The water was a brother to flow out to get under the filter. While the water above the filter will have an interest in replace They dirt & food particles are attracted in to contact with the gravel layer. Makes clear aquarium water tidy.
2. The filtered water in the cabinet box. Water filtration process is used much less popular. It must be installed in the aquarium filter box spoil areas & hamper It also makes the aquarium scenery is not pretty . This water filtration process similar to the water under the sand. Difference that this is a separate filter box. Inside the box is fiberglass filter. Carbon & charcoal. Which can filter out impurities. & filter the smell of water in the aquarium as well. They can also more basically removed by washing.
Plant water
Water plants in the museum aquarium Think about the appropriate species characteristics such as shape of leaf growth Foreign demand for lighting etc.
Water plants with beneficial organisms in the aquarium.
1. Help suck out carbon dioxide gas. & the share of waste Photosynthesis in the method to increase the oxygen in the water.
2. Promoting food source for some fish Works plant. As well as the culture incubator.
3. Help adjust the amount of salt in the water suitable for living & not harmful to fish.
4. A hiding & shade
How to water plants.
1. Ought to water plants that look natural. Growth as well.
2. Ought to provide short plants in front of stagnant water. The high style at the back.
3. Ought to be grouped accordingly. To focus on the nature
4. Ought to provide a stump & stone artefacts various parts together to beauty

Primary consideration in the rock.
1. Do not use rocks that are formed like spiky It may cause fish injury from the sharp rocks.
2. Rocks brought aquarium fish Tidy the order.
Third. Do not take the coral reef aquarium fish because the salt element. Cabinet will make the water pH.

The materials used to decorate a natural aquarium, most all of popular aquarium fish gravel, black The sizes that will fit. Coarse resolution & not Pebble tiles ought to be used to filter over about 2-3 inches to prevent root wood water to the filter thread. In case you do not require to rock the floor as the height. Fear that is not pretty natural I could use small plastic plant pot of water to rid the area of wood not to root crops water wood thread feasible. Laid with gravel & well organized for any decor.

Water is critical to fish life. If the condition of water spoilage signs. Will have fish & plants die. For the proper & best water in the aquarium water, because fish is processed in the disinfection ago But ought to not put it in the aquarium. Secondary water supply, they ought to stay to the left about 1-2 days & then to add aquarium

What DJ bring popular aquarium fish aquarium. To the aquarium is the most similar nature is the shell The shells can be used both small & great aquarium fish as appropriate areas of the cabinet or the shell that they will bring all of the shells are derived from the sea. Therefore salinity & sand at bay. Ought to be left to soak for about one week of salt & sand that stuck out for all to lose before the plants in the aquarium.
Other artefacts.
Gambling is like a sheet of lead on the scene side glass Most are from the sea with views that are gravel or coral tree water A pretty landscape under water.
Plastic Puppet present invention is the production of various plastics made of thousands of true imitation. Can be used as aquarium fish needs.


Fish disease treatment & prevention.

Fish disease prevention & treatment resources obtainable aquarium fish
Fish disease treatment & prevention.
Fish diseases occur Gan reason dozen countries such as their parasitic disease caused by bacteria & fungi. Surroundings in the aquarium is not suitable as a low oxygen in the water. Water temperature changes quickly. Or as much as the food or the water is polluted or not does not drain water When fish excrete wastes out more. The water causes these high ammonia without violence นัก fish won't die but will directly cause fish stress the weak fish as they could be incomplete. & a different landscape disease eat less cause diseases as basically present in the present.
  1. White spot disease is a disease that occurs regularly with the Aquarium. & the outbreak quickly. Prevention treatment. Ford makes use of a concentrated combination with Mala Mali Kai out 3-5 Green Frozen consecutive days changing the water in the aquarium.
  2. Diseases of the light microscope to see if the rust is like a soap bubble is more typical to the island along the wrong tooth & film. If there is a lot to like velvet year yellow brown. Other distribution patchy. Is hazardous to tiny fish. Currently present in fish & fish-eye Tofu.Prevention treatment. 1% salt concentration ought to be soaked for 24 hours & the fish do hurt every two days until the disease disappears.
  3. Diseases Ticks are usually found under the bell body & gill rays will cause skin ulceration of the mucous worried white flake off fins lack any erosion destroy gums. harmful to fish. If a tiny fish. May cause fish death in a short period. Prevention treatment. For the concentration of Mali. Soak up until the fish is lost forever.
  4. Diseases of the leech has a tiny clear head 2-3 mm radial The finish is a tiny organ adhesion around the backbone. When the fish around the island at any The skin of fish is the island if the wound is in to it could cause fish death. tiny fish. Prevention treatment. For the concentration of Mali. Soak until the leech for the remainder of the insert will die out.
  5. Diseases caused by worms anchor Tiny worms look like a size 1-4 mm cylinder head acts like cotton hold the fish. The area of the island is a wound that hemorrhage Tiny worms, because the comparatively gigantic size. Tiny larvae can handle the issue. But the head is buried under the wrong film lack of fish. The protection for the Frozen concentrated Dipterex 5-6 days to 24 days leave the soaked liquid 3-4 times repeated.
  6. Diseases caused by fish tick. Ticks are gigantic fish can be seen with the bare eye, flat circular rear fuselage rounded connection segment is divided in to consecutive Adsorption mouth act. Fish are often found to scale Not on the island, but will move indefinitely. Or fish from one fish to another island. The protection for the Frozen concentrated Dipterex 24 hours.
  7. Diseases caused by bacteria Fish looks at the wrong film bleeding & internal organs such as kidney or liver spots & skin will start to flake mild gum rot Prevention treatment. Antibiotics, such as the cigar brand Running Lin. New Color or chlorinated pin RAM. Mixed in to the aquarium water. Or using saltwater mixed in time by about
  8. Diseases caused by viruses. Fish will be the lump of tissue relief. Both the body & fins. Found with brackish water fish. This disease can not keep my own if the aquarium surroundings better, such as drain water regularly. Or for optical access, etc..
  9. Tumor in fish Present in Goldfish & Carp signs are often seen as a group of cells in a growth uneven size. By the body or within the abdomen. Tum is often soft. Causes of the unknown. But assume that the environment degradation. Pollutants can also cause the shell to divide the sample abnormal There is no way to keep the trial had cut the knob with respect to the wrong film. But it seems that later growth is new. & uneven number will rise quickly
Fish resources obtainable.
Fish are usually sold by the various sources of market trading district & province in Bangkok in Bangkok will have resources to buy aquarium fish species from the hotbed for more resellers to bring a fry sales have both transmission & retail distribution. Fish is priced differently in each source. Depending on the source of breeding more or less. & popular culture. If there is a lot of popular culture would have led traders to sell more fish. You may have several causes may be competitive cost points. If the source is not obtainable competitive cost may be pricey aquarium fish sold to positive markets can be divided in to two types.
  1. Markets within the domestic market are different. Within the district & province & the provincial markets. Market & domestic market such as Chatuchak Market, Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Bang Yai City, etc.
  2. Markets abroad. Both markets are in Asia, Europe, The united states & other cost depends on the fish species & size of the wholesale fish are cheaper than retail. However, the wholesale & retail trade is better than selling each of the plenty of Or have a pre-order the production as much as the market need. The retail sale will be sold a few. But the cost per unit higher than the wholesale fish such as goldfish funds could buy retail for 30 baht, but the retailer to buy from a gigantic number of wholesalers. May be the cost per U.S. $ 10-12 only.


Feeding fish.
The key benefits of aquarium fish and to know in raising aquarium fish

Benefits of aquarium fish
Currently, aquarium fish, popular. It also will provide.To enjoy the party then. A blessing and exquisite to witness as well.It also helps eliminate the mosquito vector to bring the infection. To the human illness.Because Fish larvae often prefer to eat than other foods. And not the water.
Most active in opaque as other foods withIn this aquarium fish. In addition to organized within the home. Aquarium fish are the same.In school or menu to the development of various mental and physical condition.Human society is better organized to separate the benefits of aquarium fish can be Article as follows.

The importance of aquarium fish
Aquarium fish, the expression of feeling nice taste in art shows nature associated with.
Of natural beauty that can touch hearts and help refreshing cheerful mood. Clear various art forms in the aquarium fish, tiny
Reflects the natural beauty of the unspeakable and the actual. This is like a mirror picture of beauty
Natural models in to the aquarium. Moreover, the mental training of the beginner fish. To the feeling that nice.
  1. Help make the region and the building's residential homes, beautifully fresh.
  2. Helps to create Mental state provider. Or witness To the feeling fresh.
  3. To the study of living organisms. It must know the procedures that ought to be the density of fish per size of the aquarium.How much water ought to have any And ought to give any food to be thought about.
  4. A warmth to the relatives that parents and kids will need more time closer together. Help decorate aquarium Plant Care Water.
  5. Practice habits, a light natural life, be kind to know better.
  6. Promote the use of free time to be useful.
  7. To create aquarium fish Added to the occupation.
Things to know for raising aquarium fish
  1. The nature of fish to be reared in each aquarium. Looks natural. About being And different habits, so if they can fish any species, they ought to learn about the nature of the fish species is To be adapted to other parts that must be consistent with the nature of fish species within the aquarium.
  2. Organized or prepared materials for a Fish. Which may constitute themselves by using simple materials นัก affordable. Or may be bought from the shop of a common aquarium fish rearing. But the Cabinet must select the appropriate species of fish to culture. And demand will be furnished to the beauty etc.
  3. What ought to be thought about preliminary. Fish farming in the are around the other.
3.1 Home to water the broad area of the floating cover is nothing.
3.2 to have sufficient lighting.
3.3 the water temperature in the appropriate cabinet. According to the nature of fish culture.
3.4 Use only neat water.
3.5 appropriate feeding for fish


Fish popular culture.

Fish popular culture.
To buy fish for aquarium fish species introduced in to the market today are the varieties of fish, 100 species of fish are eating habits & different. Some bright character polite. Some heart must study the characteristics of the first fish. The general principles & ought to not be a habit with aggressive fish & other fish ought to not be a large fish in small differences in the same cabinet. Therefore, to buy each fish included in the same cabinet. Well in the first study, such as books, or ask the seller. purchasing fish ought to choose fish with fins of different health. It won't be the whole absence of color swim rapid & avoid Cherd floating head.
Most species of fish caught in a window & fish native to Thailand. & the fish imported from Thailand suggests that this species of fish, following a popular online.
Goldfish lion's head. fish farming is popular with fish. They has a attractive goldfish Chinese lion's head. Jelly head looks large & thick. Body length of a goldfish Japanese lion head head small body trembling at least after a fish gelatin short rounded tail Goldfish breeding lion head simpler to eat fish larvae Moina energy to be effective ought to be increased in the cockpit with water, shallow water no over 8 inches in the shapes of fish.
fish meat Oscar-style gray-green. Stand black or dark grey with orange-red. Base of caudal fin with black dots. A fish who likes to eat small fish, as the eating habits of fish larvae are very aggressive. Suitable for any fish that are smaller & more vulnerable. Most aquarists & aquarium fish are usually fish that section only. Without other fish species.
Insert Goldfish Goldfish with lots of varieties. Sometimes called the sword fish tail no longer seems a small flat side. The men vary considerably with the female fish. It's a darker color. Bottom of the pot is part of the caudal fin length stored in the kind of a frog like to eat worms, water, red or any diet. A weakness in a herd. Habits are not part of refractory fish is excellent.
Midnight Midnight fish to fish with black around the fence. Often known as the fish. Most fish are about to add peers because of very similar, but with different colors & fish midnight is not the tail. fish between the time saved from fish fed with simple Midnight eat lovely food, food as larvae or aquatic plants that are mixed with Moina them. A. Performance They found that fish produced in the culture of government. They also put in a bag at the store. As part of a disorder without fish noisy habit right.
Red roses red roses, fish, fish bright red. Council of the popularity of rapid Fortaleza fish. In general, this type of fish is a fish that produce the waste of fish or fish fed at midnight one kind Moina larvae eat men prepared observed water lines have long been believed that ladies are fins usually rounded stomach belly
Neon Neon fish, fish, small body color, with light colors more beautiful as "important." Fish is very popular as fish usually live in groups. Moina kinds of food & larvae. Fish meal is very active. Culture shock basically, but cowardly simple If a party or movement of fish, irrespective of shock may cause fish die basically. The fish ought to have this type of algae or other aquatic plants. To make use of the aquarium as a refuge when the weather terrified of fish.
Paradise Ranch Paradise Ranch Fish is a fish that characterizes each pectoral fins along the objections raised, including the tail looks like four strips deposited on the floor next to the green body with a model through great event. September orange stomach bands of the tail fin are orange fish swim classified as refractory beef company with lots of aquatic plants. The larvae eat the worms of the class of red, red, & the level of food preparation. appropriate culture can be combined with other types of fish that are smaller or even when the eggs. Males can ladies be more vicious bites to death.
Betta fighting fish is a fish native to the Thai Federation of detection by the parents - the same farmer in natural water sources. A great hard work all fin rays not much. issue with a strain of the fin Betta Betta known of China is a large & colorful fish colorful touch of a single party. Because the fish is not adapted to the culture fiercely aggressive towards other fish species.


The choice for fish.

The choice for fish.
A Times STEPS their preparatory ready interest in fabricating Now In culture will fish aquarium. There you'll be No Need To hate is Slowly. And by choosing to be calm, the plots will be found very easy and enjoyable. Pour aquarium hobbyists. Whether missed Parcé Not DONE DO help him fish could be ailing Weakness. Certain fish or May HAVE to go along to pay back to the party. It may causer of stress and fatigue of Fish Can Be Painful ARE memes, in that sort of position of the fish Journey EST Who MUST be considered.
  1. The size of fish when the adult fish. Most fish in the Office of the fish sold in adolescence when the present crop of fish possible time, and had an increase of 5 OU inch feet maturity, some do not HAVE to May 5 1 inch long legs. If I fish all pupils fish, big fish small so time should contact the owner pay Buy it fish fish fish EST TOPIC Comm Combi size at maturity and different sizes in the same room. Fish In The Office must be même fish of similar size at maturity.
  2. Type of fish should DO Not Buy Ensure fish. If he DOES BECAUSE Part No known about the types of fish. Can you buy fish at night, he is hiding in the day and drowned the stones of their plants in Anytime. Instead of seeing Play Day pendant refining "There is no catch.
Types of aquarium fish
East East Room Fish Fish Fed currency Three categories adverb As great costume.
  1. Fish Fish interest of the United Nations Rally favorite Guppy, including Swordfish The angel fish, zebra fish queue lors if the purchase of EC-type fish. Thurs 1-2 should not Buy it, BUT MUST Less to Get 5-6.
  2. Fish, Way to live under rocks Fish waste, including Zuellig. Most fish in African natives. Commentary live in the rocks under the water with the water is not fit enough to last to be put in aquariums.
  3. Fish, who split their culture. THEY want to nominal EC Office Fishing Special. Like most manufacturers Pas ARE NOT, fish As the design of Pom Dua Spa Oscar Fish, Blue Fish and Fish Pin painting queue funny comment Certain fish, like an introvert In The Day. If the type of fish EC isolates of Ontario students in a separate aquarium. DO NOT Part of fish like to gather in groups.
Fish full comment Good Note.
Most freshwater fish, If Any salt Always good to be back disease in Bath. If you fish all cord cord Water Watch binds kick it ill Poisson EST. Should be and the fish and the color "completed dorsal Im MUST Total No breeze if you Foncea EST colored fish, they point color pattern OR. Points should be Exceptional. Model No fog and points of navigation should be actively Also tender MUST be of the Depth of water at all levels, without Symptom assume they surface water OR a dive bowl of this sort "do not moves.
Fish such defects. Fish fins and broken With the queue. And his watch Did you use good bless rich fish.
Move your fish and release into the study of fish
Normal movement of fish houses selling bags People IN Packaging and plastic must be air Play Pong Top water BUT if you buy fish IN water in winter, I fish IN Packing the house may be cool. SO, we must be documents in the package. To avoid the cold air from the Impact in plastic bag and the Exterior Mendes water is cooled. If Good Will NOT have bags in cardboard boxes for the flight. It UNO spend a rescuer will not affect fish you'll be on the cold.
You want the fish when it BACK to the house. DO NOT release the fish immediately IN LOW under the desk. Since the water IN the bag with water IN the dressing fish May EQUITY different temperatures, so that fish production in the cupboard, which IN Make sure the water temperature with the bag IN the water like La Salle are invited. Removal of the bag of fish in water, swimming in aquarium UN few minutes. Water Temperature when the level was at the UN, laying the bag Break the fish into plastic.
IN UNO publish aquarium fish, they gradually reconciled with the symptoms. Actually, if you fish aquarium should be small and light the Prime Minister. Not only that nature remains. Pisces to the new conditions will Familiar EST it easier if too many fish aquarium light may be the shock. And when good fish with the environment are gradually Familiar Open fire.
Fish will be held for the release of aquarium fish, while others already have that. Should manufacturer UNO Food For fish bait fish DO pour Police Warning Not to Party again. Otherwise, I May be New entrants and pour small sail secretly Find links. Must pay cover manufacturer UNO joined the caches. A familiaris With the situation in East New Fish Aquarium Good Enough for Their own food Start.
Picture Style Bodies fish. Choice of several colors that you avoid fish MUST HAVE Knowledge of fish unites A Reasonable Manner Who allow fish to fish Best, Every Species a character works DO Not All The Sami length. Some flat body fortress Court Certain Premier's tour, BUT the habit of living life and All Fish. Fish runs along the body. Narrow Quels types of fish that could swim faster. Finned fish its great. Mouth and teeth the growth of. As the fish living under the open skies. Angel song pieces of fish flesh HAVE a flat Knowledge of love Genant IN Fri rectangular pool UN grass under water. Features typically indicate the fish IN water level the fish around the Other, As
Fish With A Mouth flat. Who Live specify fish underwater swim Pour LITTLE UN BECAUSE the surface waiting to pay to eat insects. Waste fish, dorsal fin law generally DO NOT FOLD bases Earth is
Fish the mouth of the position. Under the bed of the middle line Sami Live fish IN water, they eat fish you งับ BECAUSE BUT food of the sun Largu Primarily Welfare of most it can of food, OR Rays Foncea skin have well water.
Fish with open mouth. As IN Fish The United Nations Fund for Culture Food Water surface waters under the EC fish, likes to eat a piece of land in the foam. And IN the aquarium UN. Maybe it DO Not a cabinet. But I loved side plate you will Found Office of the foam by the victim of this species of fish, generally WITH mustache. He will present on behalf of Research each meal
Flake the fish you hard and soft Times, Who Also used to fish Old and protection. For more Rendra page Receivers of you pression atmosphérique. Therefore, if the abrasion of fish OR minor, it shows that atmospheric pressure EST Fish Disease abnormal
Fish use fins pour insurer Round Table. And the movement, in CAS Use of Certain Maybe Egg As A pun of EC Who Can Now be diluted. Or When the hatch.
color fish
fish colors, TOGETHER beauty. Pour identifying specific types generally they know the color and sex, Who Can destroy enemy camouflage blind man, rebuilt escape. Or Maybe make the error of the Enemy Attack matter what pay TARGET. Or any color can issue Also toxic say the mood to fish impact. Or the time anger.
The color intensity color sex fish him said they trend more fish for the evils coupling. The temptation of Women and Women Approach PROMINENT OR signal to cling to Women
Fish can UNO Know sex, like puppy UN. On the anal fin base. Parti pris fin a male fin Women them. Fish Destined for the production of eggs. Men ARE more subtle.
UNO Comment Soaps The Other With water and insect larvae of some fish species different municipalities, BUT fish them. As Spoon Foods, unlike. Some like to eat their larvae. Some plants, like to eat algae as Soaps UNO him Quels types of fish, like Labour, where food debris. Today the problem of feeding fish, over there. It was Cook the fish sold in markets as a whole variety of styles that the pesticide is to pay EC Food Fish, there are animals like OU plant manger. These products included IN distribution. Failure to encourage Who granular base Certain Thin water dry and crumbly Certain crazy. These products ARE adequate pay Done All sizes fish larvae. The work, who require facilement A great power, leakage everyone rather than food. It IS good value. Should be good for fish. Corn ties Fish species of fish regularly may be bored. Significant damage too EST DO NOT feed your fish be significant of Those Who latte generally obese EST Problem of Food EST good. Nutrition EST Very good. The Remains of the FERA water Food remaining leaves.
primary key. Enough to eat, BUT DO Also often you eat fish not immediately stop. And if you Feed them fish Morning - afternoon - evening and night FEATURES Every type of fish.


Principles & methods of aquarium fish
Principles of aquarium fish
Principles of an organized state aquarium housing fish mimic the natural aquarium. With limited space. & to the beauty In the aquarium fish. Think about different base following.
  1. Concordance refers to the organized materials, such as the harmony of the same or similar in size & shape, skin color & direction, which is second nature.
Harmony is the harmony of botanical plants to be put in the same group.
Harmony of objects such as decorative stone pebbles at the aquarium ought to select a skin & colors similar When used to put in the same group then there would be harmony with each other.
2. Features such as water plants stone shells, pebbles or different invention ought to calculate the appropriate placement. Highlights for the focus areas for spectator
3. The focus point is to focus on any one point. The aquarium is a special case, such as aquarium fish by the foundation with gravel, it is plain to see, but the invention may be placed to indicate the importance of that point.
4. The balance is important in most aquarium fish. Aquarium fish because each stone placed to grow water plants. Or placing various inventions put to the balance water plants such as organized as the scene back cabinet. Ought to not focus on any one side ought to find rocks or artifacts page provided to the cabinet to bolt the equation to be thought about.

How to aquarium
When the understanding is different about fish & aquarium. Would make the achievement of aquarium fish faster. This way each aquarium fish is the natural beauty or not. Depending on the design of the areas. But you must think about different methods of aquarium fish are.
  1. The design of aquarium fish Taking in to account the balance of landscapes within the aquarium. Select a location for placement of the aquarium & the proper proportion by the area must be ventilated. & get some natural sunlight. Weight support base aquarium When combined with close to flat no unstable Because when the water in the aquarium. Weight aquarium will increase If the area put aquarium will cause uneven pressure of the water. Which could break the aquarium.
  2. The water filter assembly under the sand. May be put under the glass fiber filter time. To help filter the water better. It also helps to neat with water & then the air hoses to the pipes under pressure of interest. Organized in a corner of the aquarium.
  3. The stone & gravel. When clear, neat stone or gravel, lovely. Tap put gravel on the filter. Take care not to pour grain in to the holes pass filter. It could decrease the efficiency of filters. Replace gravel ought to be 2-3 inches thick gravel area by the height gradient from the back to front. This allows natural looks. As well as a total waste. Simple to filter. For placing rocks. Ought to enter the leaf sheath along the gravel where specified.
  4. The water with the water in the aquarium with water siphon to suck. Or use the suction tube light transmission impact stone Or other materials to support to keep away from water turbidity Diamond grit & the wrong position. Water for 3 to 4 of the aquarium is .
  5. The growing water plants provided. Prior to water plants. The gravel surface ought to not press in to a small groove free before planting. Grown plants ought to be planted to high water in his back. The tree has low water. Arranged in descending down to the same page that matches the aquarium ought to be left wide open to a courtyard swimming fish comfortably.
  6. One time done aquarium fish. Leave until water level to the antenna & one pump. Not so the fish to release. Party needs.

Reproductive systems of fish, divided in two ways

Reproductive systems of fish, divided in two ways.
  1. To separate reproductive sex The manner in which males produce sperm and females produce fish ovary At a reasonable time. Or spawning season. I will be breeding together. This process is found throughout the Aquarium beyond.
  2. To a reproduction hermaphrodite Fish is the only style but with two fish types can not be gender increase productivity in themselves. Reproduction and this has very small in the beginning will be male. Later, the female began to alter.
  3. How the reproduction not be mixed. Manner in which fish are born without infection, but growth of male fish female The infection of the male is only stimulate egg. There can be no reproduction of male fish from the same species.
To view the style sex
Before you start breeding aquarium fish They must learn to separate sex Aquarium correct first. Otherwise, the breeding won't work. Fish made some small gender separation appeared different some can basically separate sex. Gender separation is often used to separate by sex according to outside morphology of the fish are observed.
  • Fish females.
  1. Pom looks short Rounded than males.
  2. The size is large
  3. dorsal fin and short ears.
  4. pale or colorless.
  5. in the work of the breeding season, the stomach is elevated.
  6. Gender will round Ting short
  • Males.
  1. the body will be smaller than females.
  2. dorsal fin rays and ears to see a long slender and twisted a special
  3. a colorful.
  4. In the case of males the antennae are longer than female antennae.
  5. Ting gender outreach to see a sharp
Season the fish spawn.
Fish spawning season is not all that definite. Depending on whether the body growth fully reproductive process is prepared. When the environment is right to start with spawn And it will be like this all year. Fish produce the earlier the fish guppy fish, fish, etc. This type of insert has a kid in the 3-4 month period beyond the spawning season, they observed males from females, fish trap or fish for some mouth kiss. together. Shows the breeding pair spawning. This is natural behavior. But now science has advanced up to the signs and encourage fish spawning pairs organized. Based on the following factors involved.
  1. To adjust the water temperature suitable for spawning of some fish species. The temperature of the water right is thought about to be important factors.
  2. The food is filled with nutrient requirements of fish.
  3. Tool to stimulate the spawning of fish, each species is different. Such as spawning fish like the water next to plants such as Fish Pom Dua Spa's goldfish, etc. If they do not qualify for water plants to keep the fish eggs cooked how I won't lay eggs. Some fish like rain Some fish, like freshwater. Therefore, they must study the Aquarium each fair fortune to nice.
  4. Fish of the opposite sex. Is one factor to encourage spawning as females. Will stimulate the male sperm production, such as fish bites, etc..
  5. Features density breeder breeder If the breeder and the breeder is much Although eggs and sperm are full. These fish won't breed together. Because ecosystem inappropriate

General knowledge about the Aquarium.

General knowledge about the Aquarium.

Fish is a simple run of fish reared in glass Fish classified as organs of the fish fin And assist in muscle movement. Breathing with eyes open. Vertebrates have pretty shapes and colors vary. The different colors that they see is pretty. Is merely a camouflage or alter to the environment. To salvage from enemies and can also help attract the opposite sex. We'll start raising the Aquarium, they ought to study the different characteristics of fish associated with the growth of fish spawning and living habits. To help fine-tune the environment to suit the various needs of the fish better.
  • General characteristics of aquarium fish
  1. Characteristics of the body portion is divided in to one on both the left and right are identical in all respects.
  2. The gums have openings for breathing.
  3. A cold-blooded animal
  4. Separation ratio is a clear header, body and tail of both the scale and no scale
  5. The ball differently. Some species produce eggs. Some species produce personify
  • Shape of the fish.
In general, the characterization of the fish the fish in to two parts together is.
  1. The head from tip of mouth. Long as the Borders cheek bulge
  2. The body part is adjoining to the tip of cheeks to bulge anal hole.
  3. The tail is where the fish from the bottom of the hole as long anal fin to tip of tail
  • Various organs outside of the fish.
  1. Tatar fish often served in sensation, perception and evolution in order to view.See things in the water well.
  2. Nose with nose of the fish smell is for inhalation. If observation shows that the better. Most fish have one nostril holes, but some may only know one nostril time.
  3. Fin on the tail finish of the fish served to help steering ahead at fish swimming. Turn and force forward and balance.
  4. Anal fin looks like a single tail fin. This is the bottom of the fuselage. Next to the tail to the front as well as a tiny hole near the anus is responsible for helping to stabilize.
  5. Fins look fat stand High-low spread wide stripe along the river are both soft and hard Or see dorsal. Nested set. This is in accordance with each type of fish genetic unusual. Cause more pretty.
  6. Scales both tiny and large fish are stacked orderly kind of shiny silver fish help prevent dangerous souls. It also reduces the force of air abrasion.
  7. In general, lateral to the lateral side independently by a line of some fish or may not have lots of time. Exposure is responsible for contact with the outside surroundings to sense the vibration of water around with surroundings alteration, such as temperature and salinity of the water.
  8. Antennae are organs that are part of the head of the fish are short - long vary depending on the type of fish. Bathroom is responsible for feelings to feel the taste for food.
  9. Caudal organ serves a couple like the limbs helps to force the fish head Cherd embroidery or flat head in place.
  10. True to the anus in the back of the stomach fin anal fin welding contact is responsible for the excretion information. And various wastes.
  • Color on the body of the fish.
Fish are fish that have pretty color patterns, pretty fresh challenge to the enjoyment of culture. This unusual animal over the other because the fish is the color method of organized and compiled in to a color not definite However, some fish species can also personalize the colors and the arrangement of colors. To the environment has changed from the original, . Fine-tune color to suit the environment being controlled by the nervous method. Of the permanent color on the fish. Resulting from the reaction of definite hormones. It also has optical parts is a factor that helps as well.
Aquarium of the reproductive method.
The reproductive method is one way for life. To maintain the species is not extinct addition to genetic changes. Leading to life up to a pretty new In particular, methods of reproduction and spawning fish in each volume is a necessity to study and find ways to expand to fit each type of fish.